Quantity: 4 pieces

Material: ABS + PE

Scope of application: Suitable for maintenance connection of carpentry, cabinets and furniture, photo frame reinforcement, wood DIY projects, etc. 

Suitable for 5-22mm thickness boards

Why are the Woodworkers & Household Handymen calling this Clamp Set 'The Fastest and Simplest Way to Fix Boards & Frames at Right Angle'?
– 'These are adjustable and the springs are very smooth and easy to open and close. It was almost like having a 3rd hand!'

Our woodworking fixture has a clamping spring, which has a strong clamping force, which can quickly clamp the wood fixture, suitable for 3/16' -3/4' (5-22mm). This T-shaped connecting plate is even suitable for assembling two plates of different thickness.

High Quality

Woodworking fixtures are made of high-quality materials, which are durable and can work many times without damage. Durable materials make the pliers have a long service life.

Sturdy Spring

Our wooden clamps have a high spring tension and can be held in place when the boards are screwed or glued together


Perfect Woodworking

Our corner clip spring clips are suitable for small wooden DIY projects, such as the construction of wooden boxes, photo frames, poultry houses, mailboxes, dressing table drawer components, cabinets and furniture repair connections