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Memory Foam Heel Cushion Orthotics

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  •  Align you feet in their anatomically correct position
  • Memory foam and gel heel cushion for maximum shock absorption
  • U-Shape heel cup to prevent slipping and sliding
  • Maximum support for your arches and heels
  • Suited for any activity that puts pressure and stress on your feet
  • Soft, breathable and quick.drying smooth surface for gentle comfort


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Expert level support for flat feet, plantar fasciitis, arch support and heel cushioning

We’ve written a lot of content about the importance of getting the proper cushion for your forefoot, heel, arch and plantar fascia on our blog. And we’ve recommended quite some products to help with those conditions.

Our Memory Foam Heel Cushion Orthotics play in the big league. But unlike other products, mostly custom-made orthotics, in this expert range, they’re available “on a budget”. What do I mean by this?

Custom orthotics often come in a range between $200-$600. And they’re not always covered by insurance. The effort you need to put into getting custom orthotics made for you are something to consider as well. I mean, office visits and consultation often add up to the costs and can easily eat up a lot of your free time. But then, results are not guaranteed. We have heard dozens of stories from our customers telling up terrible experiences and horrendous costs for custom orthotics – all without making their lives a tiny bit better.

On the other hand, you can choose our Memory Foam Hell Cushion Orthotics. They come at a fraction of these costs and don’t require any of your time, besides putting them into your shoes.

We have worked with podiatrists, physiotherapists and practitioners to find a solution to as many problems, foot disorders and conditions as we probably could. And once you try them in your shoes, you’ll instantly notice the time, effort and dedication we have put into designing them.

When, after a long day on your feet or after walking, running or exercising, your feet, heels and ankles start to hurt, it’s time to invest in a good pair of orthotics. Overpronation, oversupination, high arches, flat feet, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and many other foot deformities and pain conditions can make or break your day. Good orthotics help you get through the day protecting your joints, ligaments and bones. You can find a lot of articles on our blog where we explicitly talk about the importance of heel cushions and why this is mandatory under certain circumstances. So don’t waste your time any longer and get yourself a pair. Risk free.


The importance of proper heel cushioning

As we all get older, the soft tissue and natural cushion pads of our feet shrink. This puts a lot more pressure on your tendons, ligaments, joints and bones and can lead to more damage and pain. And then, there are some risk factors that favor this process even more.

Walking or standing on hard surfaces like concrete is not good for your feet. And if you are already in pain, you should avoid hard surfaces without proper cushions like the plague. Foot deformities like flat feet, high arches, bunions or hammertoes put more pressure on your feet than they are made for. In return, this can lead to other, more serious conditions that you need to avoid at all costs.

Another important factor is exercising too much or not giving your body the rest that it needs after exercising. I can speak from my own experience. But as much as I would like to exercise like in my twenties, my body is telling me that I can’t anymore. At an advanced age, my body needs more rest and doesn’t work like it did a few years ago. And unfortunately, this won’t get any better as I grow older. Insoles or shoe inserts counteract that. After running with a good pair of insoles, my feet don’t hurt and my recovery times have improved significantly. Wearing the right footwork, insoles included, is critical for foot health at advanced ages. So be sure to consider this for your everyday life as well.

The last thing I want to mention is body weight. I mean, don’t we all carry those extra pounds with us that we didn’t have in the past? Body weight is an important factor for your overall health and I could literally write a whole essay about this. But here we only focus on foot pain. And the more weight your feet need to carry, the more cushioning they need.


The anatomy of the right orthotics and insoles

Besides heel cushioning, we focused on arch support. Your heels and arches are the most important foot parts and they are responsible for 90% of all types of foot pain. Just a fe examples include plantar fasciitis, flat feet, high arches, heel spurs or pain in the arch itself. In fact, with the right alignment, anatomy and cushioning of your insoles, you can combat a wide variety of symptoms and causes.

The first layer consists of a quick drying smooth surface that was specifically designed to provide the most comfort. You’ll immediately feel the difference when you exchange your insoles and out in our Memory Foam Heel Cushion Orthotics. You will notice the unique shape of the heel and sides. The U-Shape aligns your foot in the anatomically correct position and keeps it from slipping and sliding. This gives you an unmatched feeling of stability and helps to keep your foot where it can be protected the most.

Memory foam forms the second layer. The special material absorbs shocks extraordinary well and makes you feel like you’re waling on clouds. I know that this sounds like a big promise, but try them yourself and keep my words in your head.

The third and fourth layers are a combination of a stability frame that is there to keep everything in place and a gel heel cushion pad that reduces the remaining shock on your heels to a bare minimum.

To get the sizing for anyone right, we decided to offer our orthotics in two general sizes and made each one customizable to fit all shoe sizes between 4.5 and 12 (35-46 EU). For US shoe sizes from 4.5 – 8 you should go with size S/M and for anything up just select size L/XL. When you receive your orthotics you can easily trim the insoles to your personal preference and size by cutting them along a pre-printed line. Another option is to remove your old insoles, put them on top of your new ones and cut along the outer shape. That’s all and you’re ready to go in just a matter of minutes.


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